Loosely based on “the Elves” by the Brothers Grimm

Before the spectator hangs a giant cuckoo clock from the black forest. Like all fairytales, this one is told like clockwork, literally through a special clock- feerique, crazy, maybe even broken. Hijacked by a band of elves.

The clock displays all of the typical features of the clocks from this mythical region with the exception of a few noteworthy differences.

This clock has an extra hour!

In this frozen time elves can tinker with the affairs of humans in ambivalent ways.

Typically, these clocks house numerous automata and mechanical figurines that depict traditional daily routines from of the people from this region.

In one window is a cobbler’s workshop which sets the scene for the tale of The Shoemaker and the Elves.

On the other side, a factory.

There is a servant girl who sweeps out of the house the ordures of the day. She sweeps and sweeps not knowing one day she will become an elf’s Godmother…

A mother bird spins her wool into a nest as the story unwinds…

A rabbit outfitted with horns lurks curiously around the clock, he is hunting cuckoo birds.

This clock strikes thirteen.

The elves dance.

Direction, scénography, puppets: Patrick Sims
Masks, costumes, puppets: Joséphine Biereye
Set construction and mechanics: Richard Penny, Nicolas Hubert
Music : Karine Dumont
Lighting creation: Sophie Barraud
Stage manager :
Sophie Barraud

With : Patrick Sims, Richard Penny, Joséphine Biereye

Production :
Creation 30 September 2016 at L’ Agora – Commentry (France)
Production : les Antliaclastes